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As one of the most experienced solar panel installation contractors in the greater Chicago area, Revolution Energy Systems, Inc specializes in helping homeowners and small businesses harness clean sunshine to slash their utility bills, shrink their carbon footprint and become more energy independent.


If any of this sunshine is hitting your home or business, we can help you claim these benefits, too.


Although most of our customers request traditional rooftop installations, our solar panel business also excels at ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems — whether you own a residential property or a small to medium commercial one. We also specialize in solar battery solutions, PV panel cleaning and system maintenance. In fact, Revolution Energy Systems is the go-to solar contractor for Chicago-area homeowners and businesses wanting to save money and protect the planet.

A Different Type of Solar Energy Electrician


We have successfully installed over 500 projects totaling over 5 Megawatts of capacity in the Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin markets. Better still, we have helped many of these customers finance their solar energy installations with monthly payments that are less than what they previously paid for grid electricity.


With our help, you too can reduce your environmental impact while saving money in the process.


In order to help maintain our position as a leader in the market, we have joined forces with many organizations that focus on solar policy as well as installation quality. Some of these nonprofit and commercial solar companies include the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA).


Joseph Photo_left side.jpg

Joseph O’Keefe

Owner & Operator

Joseph began his career in the solar industry in 2011 when he relocated from his hometown to the East Coast to begin as a Junior Installer with a well-known company based out of California.  Over his 10+ year career he has been involved in solar systems of all sizes including roof tops, ground mounts, carport, and trackers.  He also served as Senior Project Manager with a utility scale financer and installer before returning to Illinois to help an out of state installer seeking to begin operations in the market.  Understanding the rapid expansion of the Illinois Market Joseph recognized a need for experienced and qualified build partners throughout the State of Illinois which led him to start Revolution Energy Systems, Inc.  Joseph holds a City of Chicago Supervising Electrician’s License, a City of Orland Park Supervising Electrician’s License, Wisconsin Master Electrician's Licenses, and is N.A.B.C.E.P. Certified

Christopher Photo_right side.jpg

Christopher O’Keefe

Field Operations Manager

Christopher began his career in 2011 when he left his hometown to install solar with a well-known provider.  Christopher quickly caught on to the installation methods and became experienced enough to get promoted to Crew Lead.  As the company grew there was a demand for experienced personnel to support a hotline that installers throughout the country could call and ask questions regarding their specific installations.  Christopher was promoted into this hotline as Installation Quality Technician and through his efforts was eventually promoted to the Supervisor of the Installation Support Hotline.  In this role he helped develop industry best practices in installation and quality.  Christopher recognized the growth in the Illinois market and decided to move home to continue his career as Field Operations Manager for Revolution Energy Systems, Inc.


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