The most popular type of residential solar installations in the Chicagoland area are rooftop systems in which the panels are attached to the top of a house. However, many homes in the area don’t have enough space for rooftop solar panels.
If your residential property falls into this category, no problem. You can still reap the benefits of lower utility bills, increased energy independence and a smaller carbon footprint. At Revolution Energy Systems, Inc, our team can install ground-mounted solar panels next to your home instead of on the roof.

Our Approach to Solar Panel Ground-Mounting Systems

We specialize in the full range of solar installation services — from rooftop and ground-mounted systems to grid-tied.


Below are the core services we provide for homeowners requesting ground solar panels.

1. Engineering


Our in-house team of N.A.B.C.E.P. Certified Professionals will design your ground-mounted solar system from the ground up — based on your property specs, energy generation targets and savings goals.


2. Procurement


We only use high-quality solar components from leading manufacturers. This helps to ensure your ground-mounted solar installation delivers the highest energy output (and savings) possible.


3. Permitting


Revolution Energy Systems will handle all permitting paperwork with your city hall. We’ll also secure the necessary utility approvals to connect your solar panels to the electricity grid.


4. Financing


We offer long-term financing to help you cover the full cost of ground-mounted solar panels. Every monthly payment is less than what you already pay the utility, meaning you always save. Plus, we help you apply for State and Local  incentive programs so that you save even more.


5. Installation and Construction


Over the course of one to three days, our team will install your ground-mounted solar system — complete with comprehensive optimization and testing to help your installation deliver the most solar energy possible.


6. Solar Battery Storage


Whether for increased savings or for emergency backup power, we can install on-site batteries to capture and store any unused solar energy your system generates during the day.



7. Scheduled Maintenance


With preventive maintenance and scheduled servicing, your solar installation will continue working at peak performance for the 25-plus years of your panels’ warrantied lifetimes.


8. Solar Training


Our team will teach you how to use solar monitoring, DIY troubleshooting and energy efficiency hacks to extract the most value possible from your clean energy investment.

Ready to Go Solar Today?


Locally owned and operated, Revolution Energy Systems has spent more than a decade helping Illinois homeowners slash their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint. If you also live in the area and want to claim these benefits, contact us today for a free property inspection and solar quote.