At Revolution Energy Systems, Inc, we help homeowners throughout the greater Chicago area and central Illinois slash their utility bills and reduce their carbon emissions by installing high-quality residential solar systems on their roofs.


If you’d also like to claim the above benefits of solar energy (without breaking the bank), discover how our clean power solutions can deliver decades of financial and environmental dividends.

How Our Residential Energy Services Work

Whether you commission solar panel kits for your roof or ground-mounted installations for your yard, our comprehensive services include the following:



Based on your energy needs, savings goals and property specs, our engineers will custom-design a residential solar kit from the ground up — one that maximizes your power generation potential.




We source our PV components from leading manufacturers to help ensure your solar energy system generates as much power per square inch as possible. Higher quality leads to higher savings and carbon offsets.


Permitting and Approvals


Illinois’ solar permitting process is complex. Plus, you need utility approvals. At Revolution Energy Systems, we handle this paperwork for you so you can have solar power for house use with minimal hassles and delays.


Backup Solar Battery Storage


Looking for the ultimate in energy security? Discover how our on-site battery solutions can provide your home with reliable backup power. With solar storage, you can keep the lights on — even when the rest of the neighborhood goes dark.

Preventive Maintenance


Solar PV technology is resilient. However, scheduled maintenance allows you to extract the most value from your system over the 25-plus years of your panels’ warrantied lifetimes.



Solar Training


From system inspections to solar monitoring to energy efficiency improvements, there are many ways you can optimize your clean power investment. Our team is ready to show you all these proven strategies.


Solar Financing


With our long-term solar financing, each monthly payment is less than what you pay the utility. We also help you qualify for Illinois and federal incentive programs to further grow those savings.

Ready to Go Solar Today?


Locally owned and operated, Revolution Energy Systems has quickly become Chicago’s go-to installer for homeowners looking to maximize their savings and minimize their carbon footprint. With more than a decade of solar expertise, our team is ready to help you claim these benefits as well.


To start, request a free solar quote today.